LIME Yacht Brokerage

At LIME Yachts and Brokerage, we provide real-world experience and unmatched expertise in yachts for sale and charter. We are also experts in yacht building and knowledgeable about the operation, management, and legalities of yacht ownership. On these merits alone, we are industry leaders. However, we believe that our clients, agents, and communities deserve much more than this.
LIME Yacht Brokerage

Live the LIME Life

LIME Yachts and Brokerage offers everything you should expect from a 21st-century yacht brokerage and much more. We skillfully guide clients and agents to make their yachting journey effortless by pairing top talent and technology. Additionally, we focus on charity and tangible benefits that no other yacht brokerage has ever offered.

Our Clients

The same as your in-house counsel or family office, we are an extension of your advisory team. We are available to assist you 24/7 and provide unbeatable yacht expertise to ensure that you receive the best pricing, representation, service, selection, and benefits available.

Our Agents

We empower our expert yacht sales agents and partner with professionals working as captains and crew by providing them with personal branding, custom websites, tools, and state-of-the-art marketing. This enables them to better serve their clients.

Our Benefits

Private aviation memberships, access to the best tables at unbookable restaurants, exclusive villa access, signature events, VIP services, exclusive shopping, and more. All at no cost and part of living the LIME life.

Our Yachts

As an extension of your advisory team, simply plug LIME in to instantly receive decades of real-world expertise, proprietary yacht data, insider information, and access to private listings not available elsewhere.

Our Support

Our seasoned team and extensive network of partners work hand in hand with you and your advisors. We are there for you at each step to make every facet of yacht ownership, including crew management, yacht charter, new yacht construction, and refits, efforless.

Our Philanthropy

At LIME Yacht Brokerage, we too understand how important it is to give, which is why we only take the profits we need to sustain our business. We then work closely with our clients and give back to the causes they care about most in and out of yachting. Learn more about LIME Aid.

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