Yacht Consulting

Yacht consulting with Todd makes owning a yacht simple so you can enjoy it. As an addition to your key advisory team, he'll work as your owner’s representative and coordinate with your personal advisors, your crew, and your family.
Todd Weider

Yachting Strategy

Like any complex venture, your yacht experience requires taking a step back to figure out what the requirements are and developing a strategy.

Buying a Yacht

When it’s time to buy a yacht, he’ll guide you step by step, assuring the process is not rushed, and every detail is accounted for. He has access to the world’s global fleet of off-market and publicly listed yachts, and knows each and every one of them, their condition, and their history.

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Yacht sales consultant Todd Weider (wider)

Operating a Yacht

Todd has accumulated in excess of 250,000 miles at sea. He has also been to every major cruising region around the world and has built yachts as far away as Australia. Because of his experience, he knows the legal, regulatory, and the day to day ins and out of operating a yacht. His yacht consulting, expertise, and advice are unbeatable.

Todd is there for me 24/7. He has the answers, solves my problems, and protects my interests. He is one of the most knowledgeable yacht experts I’ve ever worked with.


165′ (50m) Repeat Superyacht Owner


He’ll oversee not only the condition of your yacht and your usage, but also the day-to-day maintenance, refits, crew, regulatory, and much more. his yacht consulting services are second to none.


Want to know the insider secrets on where to go and when? Todd has in depth experience on when and where to enjoy the best there is in yachting. Together with his clients he advises them on all aspects of yacht ownership. He makes it easy, so you can begin your yachting journey today..


For somebody not familiar with the rules, safety, and regulations of yacht ownership, it can be confusing. For Todd, this is his language, and second nature.

He’ll provide management and work with industry profesionals around the world so you can be at ease and focus on what matters to you most.

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LIME Yacht Brokerage

With the support of LIME, a leading and forward thinking Yacht Brokerage with decades of experience representing yacht owners around the globe, with expertise in yacht sales, construction, charter, management, operations, and marketing, Todd will coordinate everything from risk to refit planning. Now you can enjoy your time on board without having to think about a thing.

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